Fairfax Hydrocarbon products and services include but not limited to:

Business Overview

Seismic Multi-client Seismic Data Library, Marine Seismic Acquisition, Land Seismic Acquisition. Survey Design and Modeling, Geophysics Processing and Characterization, Borehole Seismic, Seismic for Unconventional, Geophysics Software
Drilling Wellhead Systems, Engineering & Real-Time Analysis, Drilling Services & Systems, LWD & MWD, Contract Drilling, Bits, Tools & Processing, Drilling Applications and Cementing
Characterization Petrophysics, Geology, Geomechanics Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Well testing
Subsea Subsea Landing String Services, Subsea Artificial Lift Systems
Production Artificial Lift, Production Logging, Production Testing, Production Monitoring, Production Optimization, Corrosion Evaluation and Monitoring, Production Technologies; Chemicals & Treatments, Production Software
Processing & Separation Integrated Facilities, Oil Treatment, Water Treatment, Gas Processing & Treatment, Solids Management
Well Intervention Coiled Tubing, Wireline Intervention Services, Slickline Services, Subsea Landing String Services, Fishing Services, Sidetracking Whipstocks, Thru-Tubing Intervention Tools Stimulation, Well Abandonment
Well Testing Downhole Testing, Downhole Pressure Measurement, Reservoir Sampling and Analysis, Surface Well Testing, Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring
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